On this website, we invite you to meet the Podcasters who contribute to the broadcasts of KCPK-LP Radio at

FM 106.9 in Pine Mountain Club, CA, now online streaming




Through artistic creations, we want to change our world by illuminating social issues through Environmental Humanities, engaging creators of all types to participate in Low Power FM radio broadcasts nationally and internationally through our affiliation with Pacifica Radio.


Join Us!

We are always looking for new podcasts that can change our world.  Let us know what your project will be.


"KCPK-LP" radio is licensed by the FCC to "California Family Counseling Network, Inc.", a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.  Your donations are tax deductible.  

Our primary website is http://www.cfcninc.org/

The radio website is



Your projects will be broadcast on KCPK-LP.



We accept all creators to a radio station which is geared to the amateur as well as the more experienced podcaster.

News 1

Tyler Clark

host of "The Caszh"

News 2

Judith Cassis

host of "Writer to Writer"

News 3

Shelia Clark

host of "Meet Emerging Radio Voices"

New Hosts!

Watch here for more information about shows hosted by:

Mark Fisher, live theater

Nide Zimemo Stannard, "A Reality Check"


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