Judith Cassis

KCPK Broadcast:  Imaginings

What would it be like if we let our imaginations run wild? If we wrote poetry and stories and then gave them wings?  "Imaginings" is the 7th anthology penned and published by the Golden Pen Writers Guild over the last 20 years. Listen to their live reads. 

Judith Cassis is a New York Times/LA Times Bestselling ghostwriter (2013) and an author. She has written over 2,000 articles, managed several blogs and has ghostwritten numerous books and translated books as courses for speakers and teachers.

As a book coach, Judith works with authors to complete and publish their books. She teaches book and blog publishing through the City of Santa Clarita, CA and leads workshops and writers retreats in the Frazier mountain communities. She has a strong background in marketing, promotion, and event planning.

In 2000 Judith founded The Golden Pen Writers Guild. Members have ranged in age from 22 – 96. The group is in the process of publishing their 8th anthology, and 22 of Judith's students have published their own books.

In 2014 Judith founded the Writers Mastermind Alliance and launched a certification program for writers in 2015.

With a background in self-development, Judith Cassis is a trainer and inspirational speaker. She speaks to high school students and at-risk youth about overcoming adversity and exploring post-graduation options. Judith's passion is supporting others in enhancing quality of life through learning. 




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